What is YourTurn?

YourTurn is a service for people with goals and the organizations they're interested in.

What does YourTurn do?

YourTurn uses your goals to introduce you to—and allow you to get advice and mentoring from— people who can help you achieve them.

What makes YourTurn different?

By allowing members to add goals and get advice, YourTurn.

  • Goals: YourTurn members can show their ambition by adding goals. If allowed, when a member adds a goal, we give that goal data to the place it represents. So if you want to work for a company, that company will know you want to work there. Goals also allow us to make introductions to other members who can help you achieve them.
  • Asking questions for advice: YourTurn members can give just as much help to another member as they receive. That's why YourTurn lets its members ask each other questions. This way members can get advice from people doing things that interest them.

YourTurn also rewards members for asking/answering questions and adding goals by giving them points. Because who doesn't love points?

Who is YourTurn for?

YourTurn is for everyone, but it particularly benefits anyone in transition: high school and college students, young professionals looking for a new job, and anyone else thinking of doing something new.

What is the end goal of YourTurn?

YourTurn aims to give its members the knowledge they need to discover and identify their passion, the tools to help them achieve it, and the ability to help others in their pursuit.

Who built YourTurn?

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Travis Valentine

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