What are Goals?

Goals are a way for members to state their interest in something. Whether it's an employer, school, job title, or area of study, a member can add a goal based off of another member's career or educational history.

Why Goals?

Ambition isn't a bad thing. If one of our members wants to do something, they should say so. We aren't one of those services that encourages you to follow an employer or school. That's too passive. This is your future, and we want to help you as much as we can.

What happens once I add a Goal?

We add your name to a list of those interested in whatever you added as a goal. So for example, if you add YourTurn as a goal because you want to work for us, once you add the goal we will know you want to work here.

How do you benefit from adding a Goal?

There are a few ways in which you may benefit from adding a goal:

  • Meeting others who do something you're interested in — When you use the app, we'll let you know if anyone near you does something you've added as a goal.
  • Let organizations know you're interested in them — If you're interested in an employer or school, we tell them. If you're interested in a certain area of study or job title, we let those who have expertise in those areas know.
  • Showcase your skills — When an organization knows you're interested in them, we give them a list of interested members. We also give them your awards, skills, etc. so they know how awesome you are.

How do others benefit from you adding a Goal?

When an organization or group of members knows you're interested in what they do, good things happen. It especially helps them manage those interested in them. Employers and schools get lists of members interested and can keep up with what you're up to.

Goal data concerns

Concerned about what data we give? Check out our FAQs page.