Engage existing and potential students, employees, and more

Organizations want to be able to manage both their existing members and their potential members all in one place, so we provide the tools to do that.

Add a Goal Button to your site

Our goal button provides immediate value. It is the easiest way for members to let you know they are interested in your organization. Wondering what it looks like? Ours is to the left. Give it a try.

When a member clicks it, it shows they are interested in you. Your organization gets added to their goals, which allows us to make introductions and enable advice and mentoring.

Claim your page

If a member of YourTurn attends the school or works for the employer you represent, your organization already has a page on YourTurn. If you can't find your page, contact us and we'll be happy to create one for you. To check out an example of what a page looks like, here's ours.

Once you have your page, make sure to let us know you are the admin by clicking the link that says 'I'm in charge of this page'.

After you have been approved as an admin you will have access to a dashboard that allows you to do the things listed below. Check out an example admin dashboard for a college or an employer.

Manage interested and current members

Our goal data benefits your organization as much as it benefits our members. If a member allows, you will know if they have added your organization as a goal. They will show up on the 'Interested' tab of your dashboard. You'll also have access to the profiles of your current members. For schools, this would be your students. For employers, this would be your employees.

Questions about what data is visible can be answered in our FAQ section.

Engage members

Once you identify yourself as your organization's administrator, you'll be able to answer questions members have. You can manage these - and respond to them - in your dashboard.

Message interested members

If someone is interested in your organization, you can message them individually or at the same time.

Add requirements

As an admin you are able to add requirements so members know what a potential student or employee of yours should ideally be able to do. These can then be added by members as skills of theirs.